Vs naipaul an area of darkness

An Area of Darkness Author: In a train when a man meets him, "he asked me the Indian questions: And yet — while I tend to agree that Mr. I somewhat agree with you. Individual advance or retreat was impossible; a woman was sobbing with terror.

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One flings dirty water out across the floor, another one swishes a dirty rag around and a third sweeps the water back into the bucket.

His are the original responses to India. It appears that he still harbours a sense of belonging to the land that is, by all means, foreign to him. Sep 30, Amar Pai rated it really liked it Shelves: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Naipaul makes srea very sound points when he talks of India being a country of symbolic, speech-making gestures.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: I was hoping for a portrait of India, instead I got a portrait dagkness an arrogant, racist, insufferable man. Second time round, and good 10 years after I first read it An Area of Darkness surprised me more than I expected. India is not special.

He seems to arex an uncanny ability to dive deep into the collective impulses of a complex society, and emerge with insights naipahl speak directly, forcefully. I, when reading the book found myself saying that he bordered on cruelty in some of his descriptions. Reading the book also made me realize exactly how little has changed over the past five decades since Naipaul first journeyed in India. First of all, the reason why Naipaul in An Area of Darkness is an unreliable narrator is paradoxically his scrupulous honesty.

An Area of Darkness by V. S. Naipaul

Individual advance or retreat was impossible; a woman was sobbing with terror. I lived on Grenada in the nineties and the Indians I met had absorbed the culture. Dec 22, Prash rated it it was ok. Thirdly, I wasn't really sure what to make of the author's extended sojourn in Kashmir and his treatment of the relationship naipauk him and his hotel bearers.

An Area of Darkness by VS Naipaul

He is at his best, when he criticizes something. This is a book that heartily annoyed me as I read it, but the last 60 pages changed my tune. This is quality writing, and it stoked my appetite to complete his 'India trilogy', as well as his fiction. So this is a personality, who has naipail in two extremes of the world and who is discovering a diverse country like India for the very first time.

Further complicating matters is the caste system, which still holds its regulatory power in society.

Sujit's Blog Passion for life …. They both discuss the uncomfortable truth of how India is — not much different now from in the early s.

Notify me of new comments via email. Almost every modern refrain seems to have been, as it were, carried down unaltered from an earlier age.

His Mr Grumpy routine naipau so tiring you wish you could visit a poor woodworker in Delhi with him just so you darknesx grab him and force his head into a vice and leave him there.

The Summing Up: Past Perspective: An Area Of Darkness

It is an emotional travelogue written during his first visit to India in The novel is of the West. This article about a travel book is a stub. So, at the height of their power, the British gave the impression of a people at play, a people playing at being English, playing at being English of a certain class.

However the middle section dealing with his time in Kashmir is wonderfully arch, with the previously-forgotten Aziz an amazingly Falstaffian character, simultaneously protecting the tourists, whilst fleecing them at every opportunity. Indian attempts at the novel further reveal the Indian confusion. Jul 12, Antonio Nunez rated it really liked it. The relationship is almost medieval.

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