Tom apostol calculus vol 2

The book is not suitable for self-study and not at all fun to work through. It is vastly simpler than the measure-theory approach that mathematicians use when talking to other mathematicians. If you really want to know Calculus this book is for u An introduction to the calculus, with an excellent balance between theory and technique.

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I am almost done with Calc. There is much that is sound in both these points of view. This is excellent advice. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

This has vastly more formality and generality than the usual hand-wavy heuristic approach. Visit our Help Pages. The staff of the Blaisdell Publishing Company has, as always, been helpful; 1 appreciate their sym- pathetic consideration of my wishes concerning format and typography.

For me, this is a great book to study calculus. Next we come to nonlinear differential equations, which is more of a surprise, because most introductory books avoid this topic like the plague. At the same time, it is very impor- tant to remember that calculus has strong roots in physical problems and that it derives much of its power and beauty from the variety of its applications.

More than enough material is included for a year's course. You can buy this book for your library also, it is one of the best maths book to build pure concepts. This book is difficult for a weak class but should be thoroughly appreciated as a text for the apostoll student.

If you can only own one calculus text or calculus reference, this is the one you want. RoRi please keep this content up. Once again 1 acknowledge with pleasure my debt to Professors H. On the other vll, the book is easily adaptable to more modest needs.

Calculus Vol.2

Calculus, Volume 2 Second Edition. Be aware though that the book is almost entirely theoretical and has very little in way of solved examples and exercises. Aakarsh Madhavan Certified Buyer 3 May, Proofs of all the important theorems are given, generally preceded apostkl geometric or intuitive discussion. This book is little bit theriotical but explain all the necessary reason, all the concepts in advance calculus.

Highly recommended for all students. Designed, according to the preface, to accommodate a variety of backgrounds and interests, its level and tone in fact aim it most naturally at a class of students whose background or ability is rather stronger and whose interest is rather more calcullus mathematical than most colleges are accustomed to, but which we hope accurately anticipates the wave of the future. The approach in this book has been suggested by the historical and philosophical develop- ment of calculus and analytic geometry.

I see that there are no more solutions from chapter 8 — Introduction to Differential Equations onwards. The next surprise is that Apostol formalizes probability in terms of set theory.

Some topics from single variable calculus and matrix calculus are discussed as well. See our Returns Policy.

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Set Functions and Elementary Probability. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Contains exercises after every topic, answers are at the end of the book. Misprints have been repaired, there are minor changes in the exercises, and the bibliography has been updated. As in the first edition, a historical introduction precedes each important new concept, tracing its development from an early intuitive physical notion to its precise mathematical formulation. This text would be a choice for good, highly motivated students.

An introduction qpostol the calculus, with an excellent balance between theory and technique. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity to check my solutions and mistakes!

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