Pneumatik dan hidrolik

R and S Series: Contact and technical consultation in bolting technology. The actuating cylinder and piston in the S series design do not rotate.

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Service unit with pneumatic shutt-off valve, pneumatic pressure adjusting valve and oiler.

This bearing allows the separator discs and hub, and the shaft on which it mounts, to rotate about the cylinder and piston. Industrial Hydraulic Clutches and Pneumatic Clutches.

Pneumatic hydraulic pumps: ITH Travel-MAX | ITH

Review the maximum disengaging speed for each standard model see page 6. Being a whole system supplier we are not determined to one specific bolting method - Therefore we advise you objectively and offer the best technical and cost-effective solution.

Pressure ratings and min. Pneumatic and hydraulic gauge. Logan Drive Cups are manufactured to perform in harsh conditions. As a digital version or printed brochure. An external cylinder port is provided when the hub is held stationary.

Lubrication R and S Series: This wet operation aids in dissipating the thermal energy generated at the disc friction interfaces. All pneumaatik can be furnished with standard lug or gear toothed friction discs.

Robust transport case made of strengthened synthetic material, inclusive telescopic arm for easy transport.

All ITH pneumatic pumps can be powered with s tandard air pressure systems. Transport trolley with robust throw latches lockablethree non-slip hand grips, integrated wheels and telescopic arm. Transport trolley with telescopic arm. P series clutch bearings are greased and sealed and do not require external lubrication. At drive system service time, in-stock disc pack kits, seal kits, and bearing repair kits, along with factory installation data sheets make maintenance quick and easy.

Accessories for bolt tensioning cylinders and hydraulic nuts. Use our contact sheet.

Pneumatic hydraulic pumps: ITH Travel-MAX

The actuating cylinder and piston in the S series design do not rotate. A thrust bearing permits relative motion between the stationary piston and rotating separator discs. Pneumatic gauge for display the pneumatic air pressure.

Usually, the oil splash or spray directed at the disc pack provides sufficient lubrication. Designed for service jobs Compact, light weight, flexible and easy transport Case trolley Suitable for on-site use and robust, Telescopic arm, Easy-open Throw Latches Technical data Light weight of Brake Applications When S and P units are used as a brake, their hub is keyed to the shaft to be stopped.

The P Series is designed for dry operation — bearings are pre-lubricated and sealed and do not require external lubrication.

Pneumatics & Hydraulics

Logan Multiple Disc Clutches and Brakes. All types of Bolt Tensioning Cylinders at a glance: S series units require lubrication of the cylinder and thrust bearings.

Contact and technical consultation in bolting technology. R and S Series: Typical applications for these pumps are bolt connections at the oil and gas industry especially offshore and special explosion-proof units are available as an option. The drive cup is attached to a bearing mounted gear, sprocket or sheave, which can freewheel about the same shaft.

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