Non piu andrai

Ed invece del fandango, una marcia per il fango. A lot of honour, very little pay. The meter of the verse is anapestic trimeter for the first two stanzas, trochaic tetrameter for the remainder. Per montagne, per valloni, Over mountains, through valleys, Con le nevi, e i solioni, With snow, and heat-stroke, Al concerto di tromboni, To the music of trumpets, Di bombarde, di cannoni, Of bombards, and of cannons, Che le palle in tutti i tuoni, Which, at every boom, All'orecchio fan fischiar. Cherubino, go to victory!

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Its vocal range and tessitura covers C3 to E4. Lorenzo da Ponte Role: That womanish red color [in your face]!

Retrieved 21 January The final 14 bars are played entirely by the orchestra as the characters in productions respecting the original stage direction Partono tutti alla militare march off the stage in military fashion. No longer will you have these beautiful feathers, That light, romantic cap, That hair, that glowing countenance, That rosy, womanly complexion.

A room in Count Almaviva's castle Synopsis: Tra guerrieri, poffar Bacco!

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Schioppo in spalla, sciabla al fianco, collo dritto, muso franco, un gran casco, o un gran turbante, molto onor, poco contante! Among soldiers, by Jove! It is sung by Figaro at the end of the first act.

It is bars long and takes onn four minutes to perform. A march through the mud. A big moustache, a little kit. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Ed invece del fandango, una marcia per il fango. Retrieved from " https: To glory in battle!

Non piu ansrai questi bei penacchini, You won't have those fine feathers any more, Quel cappello leggiero e galante, That light and jaunty hat, Quella chioma, quell'aria brillante, That hair, that shining aspect, Quel vermiglio donnesco color!

Views Read Edit View history. Gramophone recording of Charles Santley singing this aria to a piano accompaniment inrecorded by His Master's Voice.

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This effect is strengthened when horns are prominent several times in the orchestra. Operas by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Word-by-word translation by Jane Bishop, bishopj citadel.

Per montagne, per valloni, con le nevi e i sollioni. Problems playing this file? The catchy tune [3] [4] [5] and stirring military accompaniment have made this aria popular from the very beginning; indeed at the rehearsals of the premiere the performers burst spontaneously into bravos for the composer; for details see article on Francesco Benucciwho created the role.

Home - Search the Database - Search Results. Through mountains, through valleys, With snow and with the sun beating down. Non piu andrai - No. Will make bullets whistle past your ear. In this aria, Figaro teases Cherubino about his Spartan military future, in stark contrast with the pleasant and flirtatious ipu he has enjoyed in the Count's palace.

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And instead of dancing the fandangoA march through the mud. Gran mustacchi, stretto sacco. This page was last edited on 17 Augustat The New York Times.

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