Yoga vasistha swami venkatesananda

In many ways, this is a Vedic pre-Diderot novel of ideas, but with a lot more to be gleamed from. It is a great read by Mr. One of the most refined spiritual scriptures.

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Chris Shaw rated it it was amazing Nov 25, Usage Public Domain Mark 1. He searched the world for a copy of the English edition he had studied as a young sawmi, but was unable to locate a copy.

It is one of those rare books with extremely high vibrations which have the power of giving one the experience of the divine inside.

Vasistha’s Yoga (Yoga Vasistha)

Sep 06, Renee Knight added it. My pithy reactions to this gem of wisdom. Lists with This Book. He regarded the translation of this scripture as the crown jewel of his work and devoted one of his last major lecture series in Western Australia to a discussion of The Yoga Vasistha.

It includes most of the things that I like best in the Yoga Vasistha leaves out most of what I like least. None of the stories were omitted; only some insignificant details, such as battle scenes were removed.

Vasistha's Yoga

This is not just a bookthis is a living presence. Feb 05, Ruchika Lal rated it it was amazing. Still, this book is worth daily reading and contemplation, if you are interested in the subject. Later he travelled the venkatesanandw to spread the message of his master, Swami Sivananda.

Click on image to enlarge. Jun 08, Kiran Bhat rated it it was amazing. In many ways, this is a Vedic pre-Diderot novel of ideas, but with a lot more to be gleamed from. Purush rated venkwtesananda it was amazing Nov 21, We still have to live in this world with the illusions we collectively create.

He was not only scholarly but full of fun a trait which endeared him in later life when, as a Swami, he travelled in the West, illustrating Swami Venkatesananda Parthsarathy as he was known then was born in Tanjore on December 29th,to a South Indian Brahmin family.

We will not destroy the world, but we can and will destroy the ability for humans, birds, flora, fish and fauna to live on this earth.

I was so happy to hear the book and I was delighted at the readers Irish lilt of an accent. I have read venkatsananda Yoga Vasistha multiple times. I have to cite everything.

One of my Trinity: I read it in the evening, just before meditation on my first read through, which commenced in Sept.

The Concise Yoga Vasistha

It recounts a discourse of the sage Vasistha to a young Prince Ramaduring a period when the latter is in a dejected state. It is regarded as the 'last word' in metaphysical teachings.

I will always be reading this book. After that he became the private secretary to Swami Sivananda, typing his books, answering letters and generally helping in his day to day activities. To the comparative religionist, it provides an occasion for understanding how Hinduism has been able to veniatesananda seemingly opposite schools of thought without giving way to the platitudes which mar many syncretic movements.

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Thanks venkatesananva telling us about the problem. It had last been translated about and was no longer available to the public. Beautifully translated spiritual classic, but not for the beginner or the faint-hearted.

Very hard to ignore what 'looks like' reality around you. Vasistha's Yoga is the SUNY Press edition of Swami Venkatesananda's Yoga Vasisthaedited into one volume, available in both cloth and paperback, both with an Introduction from a prestigious academic, an index and bibliography and with page numbers substituted for the dates as in former editions.

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