Airfix catalogue

Announced in the February Airfix Magazine, the 4 th edition ran to 48 pages and was slightly larger than the first three being mms by mms. In one of each I have a separate insert with new prices on and these were both reproduced in CS There were two copies, with and without prices. The prices had also been increased. It was the last of the separate price lists.

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Airfix Catalogue | eBay

There were four pages in full colour showing made-up models and boxtops of 41 models not shown in the 5 th edition catalogue. I never saw a second issue 5 th edition catalogue at the time but picked up several leaflets from counters.

The fist edition has lovely pictures in it. It may have also been included in the last 2 nd editions sold. Item as airfx and described - in good, little used, condition.

A blue price list, identical in size to the B one was issued with it, catalgue P. There were three issues in all which only had minor variations in them.

You can be the first to see many of these new releases right here in the Airfix Catalogue. They were available with and without prices. Over kits were mentioned on the cover. This page was last updated: The first listed exactly those models in the catalogue, though some were asterixed and was I think included in the catalogue as well as on the counter.

An orange version without prices was issued, plus one with Woolworths on. Both have on the front. The Type 4 logo also appeared for the first time on a leaflet see CS It was the same size as the 6 th Edition and had the same number of pages. It carried the catalogue number of INS.

Airfix Catalogue

Also shop in Also shop in. PL was printed in January and there were two versions, one with prices and one without.

Dispatched with Royal Mail 2nd Class. One was clearly intended as an insert for the catalogue and it is shown as such on the back of the other leaflet. They are not shown in the 3 rd Edition price list. There were models illustrated in this catalogue, which ran to 36 pages and may have been available at the end of The Halifax leaflets were issued from late until and were issued separately to the catalogues.

Only one leaflet was produced, the 1 st Edition. The page numbers referred to the 17 th catalogue. Two were issued which had slightly different prices due to a small reduction in Purchase Tax see CS Since there was not another price rise that year see CS19 presumably one leaflet was sufficient. The insides were still in shades of blue. It featured the 1: The first featured extra kits plus the three new Dogfight Doubles and the Dennis Fire Engine, which was moved to Series 5.

Since from the 2 nd Edition catalogue onwards all the information is taken from my own records, compiled at the time, I believe this listing to be substantially complete — until new leaflets turn up!

Aifix Collectors Club

There were two leaflets, the 1 cataloue Edition and 2 nd also See each listing for international postage options and costs. The catalogue was now A4 size and was printed in landscape airfux. The layout of the rest of the catalogue was different to the previous ones but was still in black and white.

Announced in the February Airfix Magazine, the 4 th edition ran to 48 pages and was slightly larger than the first three being mms by mms.

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