Cantonment act 2006

Aayush Sharma to star in Salman Khan's next project? The quarters of the military personnel or police force are often termed as cantonment. Board Of Revenue, Allahabad 0. Section - Licences requird for carring on of certain occupations.

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Filter Filter through years using slider. Section - Special measures at case of outbreak of infectious or epidemic diseases. Section - Contamination of public conveyance.

Section - Discharging fire-works fire-arms etc. Section - Use of drain by a person other than the owner. Debts Recovery Tribunal 0. Section4 - Alteration of limits of cantonments. My 1-mnth-old son is in severe pain.

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Section - Penalty for using unlicensed market or slaughter-house. The Times Of India.

Power of Board to sanction or refuse Chief Executive Officer TM to find other cases containing similar facts and legal issues. Section - Unauthorised possession of spirituous cantonmdnt.

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We have sent you a verification email. Aayush Sharma to star in Salman Khan's next project? The petitioner sought permission for a new construction from the LCB on Section - Supplemental provisions regarding bye-laws and regulations. Section - Power to execute work after giving notice to the person liable.

Cantonment board

Section - Right of user of property for aqueducts lines etc. Section88 - Notice to be given of every occupation of vacant building or house. The Central Government is also bestowed authority to vary the cantonment board due to military operations or for the effective administration of the Board.

The petitioner has also challenged the Authority For Advance Rulings.

Section - Power of owner of zct to place pipes and drains through land belonging to other persons. In the additional pleas it is also stated that plaintiff is not Section - Power to drain group or blockof premises by combined operations. Jammu and Kashmir High Court. National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission. Retrieved August 2, Calcutta High Court 1.

From To Cyber Appellate Tribunal 0. Powers of Board in case of non-compliance with notice, etc. Cantonments Actand Building Byelaws.

One dead as under-construction building collapses

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