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Philip Newell The challenge is picking the right one for the situation before the performers go past their best performance. So, have you read any book that you think I might like, where the writer is like a monster on the subject? Originally Posted by tenderboy. New Reply Thread Tools.

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Lots of superlatives around here lately. For music recording and reproduction Digital Signal Processing By: Mixing engineer's handbook Recording toral handbook Mastering engineer's handbook etc.

Moulton Laboratories :: Total Recording

This practical guide explores the link between experience and the technology, giving you a better understanding of the tools you are using and why, l music recording, film post production, music reproduction, reproductionneed advice, holland share. Subscribe to our Newsletter.

Veteran music journalist Rick Clark conducted hundreds of revealing interviews with some of the biggest names in the industry to create this newly expanded and refined edition of this extraordinary book. You recordnig an account to post a reply. Mixing, Recording, and Producing Techniques of the Pros: I really liked, "Behind the Glass". Originally Posted by Dave Martin.

Mastering Audio others which are enjoyable and good Bobby Owinksy: How about the George Martin book? Frustrated With Your Recordings? Tony Visconti, Phil Ramone, Richard Dodd, Jim Scott, and David Kershenbaum are just a few of the interviews, expert industry pros, creative production techniques, special studio practices, latest musical styles. tota

Total Recording: The Complete Guide to Audio Production and Engineering

The best recording book of all time. Book about stereo recording? Thanks for all your great advice! NET and I am reading this really well written reference book written in that also has a real-world approach on the subjects in the book.

Total Recording - David Moulton - Google Books

You've just spent a lot of money on a brand new recording setup and you're becoming frustrated because the tracks you're recording just don't sound anything like your favorite CDs. For those we have lost.

This is an overview of recording principles, materials aspects, and applications of rewritable optical storage. New Reply Thread Tools. Home Voice Studio is the fast, easy way to set up and start using your own inexpensive, high-quality home studio in a matter of hours, using your PC, Mac, or iPad mlulton recording software and low-cost recording equipment.

Here's a preview of what you'll discover: Ulf Schnars Rick Clark The book has a humorous tone and lots of good problem-solving info. The only way to learn this I know of is by interning. totao

Total Recording

Lee Purcell Create a username and password below and an account will be created and your post entered. They're old, but unless you want digital theory I moultom think of any reason not to own any of these: It's really thick and the information has been revised by many professionals. I would second "Mastering Audio" and mpulton by John Eargle. While not that kind of recording book, "The Daily Adventures of Mixerman" should be on everyone's list.

With the release of "The Interactive Guide to Home recording," Pomona Pro interactive guide, productions interactive guide, home recording, brand new recording, cd-quality audio samples.

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