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The moral of the story: Santiago was just a Shepard boy herding a flock of sheep when he realizes that there is much more to life than sheep. Along his way Santiago learns lessons after being robbed in Tangier, working in a glass shop for a year under the shopkeeper, travels with the Englishman on a caravan across a desert, falls in love with an Arabian woman named Fatima at an oasis, and learns to understand the world through a year old man called "the Alchemist" who is also sought after by the Englishman in order to learn how to turn lead into gold. View all 15 comments.

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This book reveled in the fact that just reaching your dreams and destiny is not easy The Alchemist-Paulo Ceolho 1 3 Nov 08, The moral of the story: Another negative that has alchimistul noted in previous reviews alchimistul that this book alchimistul sexist.


View all 9 comments. Onkine can read and write after going to school to be a priest but chose to be a shephard instead. This is either a beautifully written and fable-like illustration of simple and universal truths or a load of crap.

During this experience Paulo Coelho launched his blog Walking the Path — The Pilgrimage in order to share with alchimistul readers his impressions. This kind of book can mean a lot for young people who are overwhelmed by the dark side of life they are bombarded with.

He's nice to have around, but are you really learning anything? Huda Aweys It is not a new word, that Muslims have a verse in the Quran says that God created human to beings his successors in the land and make everything on …more It is not a new word, that Muslims have a verse in the Quran says that God created human to beings his successors in the land and make everything on the ground to obey us less.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. The treasure that the protagonist was searching by going to the different places was, in the end, just at the belfry where the story started. In terms of symbolisms, I like The Little Prince better. And many things in the novel can touch your heart Becoming an expert in his alchimistul, but time passes by, alchimistul youth alchimistul now Coelho creates this ideal world pzulo there is a cast of mysterious characters, who just happen to have insight into aalchimistul future and can assure Santiago alchimistul the treasures of his life, not only exist, but can be found and precisely where and how alchimistup find it.

Want to Read saving…. I will say that this could go either way.

I'm sure achieving your personal legend is more than possible, even when there is major trouble, when you already know the outcome. I couldn't help but imagine myself in the main character's place since you're being brought through this amazing world across Spain, Africa, and even Egypt. Extraordinarul roman al lui Paulo Coelho a inspirat milioane de cititori din intreaga lume.

Paulo Coelho Alchimistul Batranul

See all questions about Alchimistul…. One thing's for sure: And finally makes enough money to depart. Resting in an abandoned church with his animals, looking through a hole in the roof, at the night sky and having an eerie dream. Was he really wrestling women and then getting beaten up by Jerry Lawler? View all 8 comments. In some ways the story brought to mind a fairy tale with coeelho elements since Santiago has conversations with the wind and sun - who assist him in a time of trouble.

Preview — Alchimistul by Paulo Coelho. I'd actually never heard of the book until shortly before, and leading up to the events, it slowly slipped into my life.

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I really need to reread this especially since the version I read was a not so good translated one. Anything pwulo, will negatively effect the outcome - or success.

It just tried too hard to be deep. If you do, you won't be able to talk to your heart. Throughout my reading i kept trying to read between the lines, kept trying to analyze the many obstacles in my life that keep me from perusing my "Personal Legend" with the guidelines worked into the plot of the story, kept trying to understand what the "Soul of the world" and "Universal Language" would translate into in reality, kept waiting for a revelation.

From this intensive interest and use of the Internet sprang his bold new project:

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