Toeic mock test

I'm grateful for such a great oppurtunity. Ricardo in Brazil I'm a software architect, and work basically with technological research. The iPod Shuffle will be very useful when studying a foreign language, such as English or Japanese.

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While I am really happy about my top score, I sincerely think that it doesn't really depict my English speaking and writing skills.

It is an excellent way of keeping track of my reading and listening skills in business English, especially considering you can take the test three times. I was happy to get to know how the questions were like and the difficulty level as that was my first time taking a proper English test. It's quite different from toefl which I took 8 years ago! The best option to study was online.

Lynn in Japan I am happy to hear that I won! I'll be using this Ipod shuffle to listen to songs on my way to class and also exercises to help me improve my English skills. I was only expecting I will use it on the train, car, bike, and when I run. Fernando from Mexico I am Program Manager for an automotive company.

I know that being able to communicate in English efficiently will give an advantage for applying for a job later on in the year, so I'm very happy to have found Testden to help me out. It is also very practical since it involves almost all the normal international business activities. I have never used iPod before but I guess that it will be very nice to hoeic it for learning languages and listening to tewt on the way to school.

The iPod Shuffle will be very towic when studying a foreign language, such as English or Japanese. It provided me with an idea of what the full test would be like, but tesg the same time, it allowed me to quickly compare my fluency in English with that of other acquaintances. I only trained for it with your test in the Internet, it worked pretty well actually.

The iPod will make my daily train commute to school very fun, thank you so much!

Free TOEIC® Practice Test

Koragot in Thailand I am currently studying in my fourth year of university, majoring in Chemical Engineering. The company requires points for any executive position. I will load my iPod Shuffle with good music and listen it every day on my way to work.

Wojciech in Poland I work in advertising and I'm sure the iPod will come in handy on many business trips. I will have a great use of the iPod during the long distance flight and bus drive throughout the countries.

TOEIC Sample Tests / The TOEIC Tests / Tests & Preparation / Global - ETS GLOBAL [eng]

I'd like to use the iPod Shuffle for sports and while travelling abroad. They've helped my preparation tremendously and provided valuable practice.

I will use the iPod with my walking routine at the gym. Finally, I'm satisfied by the TOEIC because it represented for me a good opportunity to test foeic english level and as i've obtained a good score it should give me some real opportunities to integrate high demanding business schools requesting a minimum average.

The mocl test was amazing and has helped me strengthen my verbal skills which are my achilles heel in the exam.

TOEIC® Listening Part 1: - photographs - free practice test

Regarding the iPod, I recently lost one at the gym, and I feel it is a very important device when you're working out. I know for certain that I would be using the iPod Shuffle during work out.

Julia in France I'm currently working as a volunteer in Marseille. Antonio in Mexico I got recently promoted to a corporate position in Grupo Bimbo as an auditor.

TOEIC Practice

They are really the best I have tried. Last week I found tleic site and took the online TOEIC test out of pure curiosity and was pleasantly surprised to get such a positive score. I owe you this success. It really taught me to use my listening and reading skills well.

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