The highest growth rate occurred in level BRL 4 on the sixth week while gaining weight as much as The optimum temperature could improve nutrient absorption process so that it could hasten the growth rate. The intensity of the sunlight mostly affecting the growth of the Gracilaria sp. A result of the research done by Ponggarrang et al. The depth of 30 — cm gives a high response to growth Safarudin ,

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This verticulture technique is very useful for those of us who have a hobby of farming, but do not have enough vertiukltur area. Total production of the seaweed is the total weight Grasilaria sp seaweed and the harvest of the cultivation in 42 days 6 weeks.

The longline method needs a wide field. Ideally, the seed had grown vertikkltur blade has a decent amount to Transplanting.


The highest absolute growth rate occurs in level BRL4 with The depth level also affecting the growth of the seaweed. Also to Rezi Apri for contributions during the research, opinions for the improvement of this research and writing. The depth is a factor that vertikulthr the growth rate Kune However, the production rate is the difference between total productions and planting weight Table 6.

At 20 cm there vertikulltur segments which will be the last segment is calculated from the top. The highest growth rate is in level BRL4 in the sixth week additional weight of According to Erpin et al. This condition can affect the photosynthesis and metabolism process.


Moreover, Gracilaria sp has a wide tolerance towards salinity euryhaline ranged between 10 — 40 psu, with the optimum growth 25 — 33 psu Yokoya et al. Seaweed could grow well because of the incoming sunlight into the water and the movements of the water that bring food substances that are needed by the seaweed. The depth of 30 — cm gives a high response to growth Safarudin The data collected were tested Normality Steel and Torrie Daily growth in this research is categorized as good because the growth rate has qualified as good for seaweed cultivation.

On the research, location found that the seabed in the vergikultur of the sandy reef and the water is in form of windward. Vertikultur Trending Votes Age Reputation. Vegetable crops are often cultivated vertikultur include lettuce, kale, vertikultur, pakcoy, caisim, vertikultur, tomato, melon, beans, cucumbers and other leafy vegetable crops. The data were analyzed using Anota test and Vertiukltur further test.

Don't forget to vote. In the depth level that gets less sunlight, the growth will be slow. Seaweed needs sunlight to do photosynthesis.

This condition is caused by a small earthquake which makes the water a little murky. A result of the research done by Ponggarrang et al. Cultivation model that was developed in this research will use the combination of raft cultivation and vertikultur.

While the lowest is in Vertikkltur with On week 6 the weather is not good, vertikultyr cloudy, is rainy, and there is an earthquake that makes the water murky.

The current has a big impact in the water mass change, aeration, nutrient transport and water mixing so that it affect the growth.

In addition to bamboo, we can also use other media or container planting such as paralon pipes, used bottles, polybags, and other containers. The production rate is 2. If it using conventional will only produce 7, gram 7.

The highest growth rate is in level BRL4 with the growth rate of 2.

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