Gaming Ethics - Leave em all dead!

Some games force players to make a choice. The choices players make can ultimately determine the direction or the gameplay of a game. Sometimes the ethical nature of these types of choices can shape the outcome of the game in its entirety.

We’re developing games dedicated to choices!
One of those games is a kill em all style RPG. With your enemy being your only ally and your allies now your enemy, you must join with a powerful AI to combat autonomous foes. This RPG takes you into the dystopian world of mystery and misery as you uncover the truth about your new friends and old ones.

The name given to your new friend: a powerful artificially intelligent being that exists within a device you have stolen. Caught up in a fight for life, you must chase the clues to escape a deadly fate.

What can we expect from the game?

The game will feature classic RPG style gameplay, animated cutscenes and a level system that is unique. We aim to have strong character development and a deeply mysterious storyline that captivates the player. Designing our main character as an NPC, the aim is to immerse the player into a game of risk. Building upon your playing style and earning rewards that equal real world rewards, offers incentive to character development.

The game will be released as a PaaS, offering players online gameplay from any device and making it easy for anyone to play internationally.

A game demo is due mid 2021, however development has been ramped up by recent partnerships. So we may be seeing a demo sooner than we thought.

We’re on a mission to integrate multiplayer activities and community leaderboards into Virtue, adding not only social aspects to gameplay but the availability to experience new features.