Hiwin ball screw

Load range of 50 to kg. Material - nickel-plated steel. Telescopic rail system Series TLR with the possibility of self-regulation.

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Material - nickel-plated steel. HIWIN provides a wide range of ballscrews to satisfy your special requirements.

Ballscrews Properties and selection i The support bearing needs a recess balk allow for an exact fit and exact alignment see Fig. Series FK, FF for vertical installation. They are produced on request.

Therefore, the torque requirement is approximately one third of that of conventional screws. Sizes from 25 to Used to drive the two servo motors simultaneously. Open the catalogue to page Bapl achieves this by virtue of its return system, balltrack designs, assembly technique, and careful control of surface finish and dimensions.

Open the catalogue to page 9.

Curved rail Series BSC from cold drawn galvanized steel. T-Race Scrdw are used for high load capacity in the radial and axial directions. Spindles ELTE standard series, liquid and air-cooled, with automatic tool change. Low profile silent ball-type guides with integrated porous separator.

Backlash-free flexible couplings ZTK, have high reliability and torsional strength. The application of this type of ballscrews extends in the semiconductor industry, robotics, the timber industry, the laser systems, the transport equipment.


Linear guide ball-type, intended for perception high loads. Hiwin has the capability of producing JIS C0 class ground ballscrews, and DIN 5 class up to 23 microns for precision rolled ballscrews. Protection class - IP Equipped with a switching power supply. It is recommended that srcew life at average axial load should be a minimum of 1x revs. Low vibration and noise, smooth operation.

Hiwin Ball Screws

Open the catalogue to page 5. Racks warehouse in Moscow. Precision ground ballscrews provide high positioning accuracy and repeatability, smooth movement and long service life.

Hiwin's rotating nut utilizes a special end cap design that allows the steel balls to circulate inside the nut while featuring an integral bearing that scre the ballscrew shaft to be fixed.

The balls are placed in the ball track between the ballscrew shaft and nut. Completing for machine tools Vibration dampers OV, OV Prevent unwanted vibration during operation of industrial plants.

Steel C45 - As R1 Series ball screws with rotating nut. The major differences between a rolled and ground ballscrew are the manufacturing process, the lead ecrew definition and geometrical tolerances.

Linear roller guide series MR is ideal for heavy-duty work.

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Mounted on the carriage, it provides a steady supply of oil to the channels rotation balls. The ballscrews consist of a lead screw, nut with the balls for reducing of the friction hiiwn the screw and the nut.

Economical series of telescopic rails T-Race. Load range of 15 to 70 kg.

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