Relacion carbono nitrogeno

Because of the unusual nature of the trial and the relatively low number of sites studied, further confirmation, considering a wider range of forest structures, soil and climatic conditions, is required. Pearson correlations were used to explore significant relationships between soil chemical properties and carbon partitioning variables. The net primary productivity NPP was calculated as the GPP minus the above- and below-ground auto-trophic respiration, whereas the net ecosystem exchange was calculated as the GPP minus both the auto- and heterotrophic respiration. In a survey of annual carbon budgets from one deciduous and six evergreen forests in New Zealand, Australia and the United States, Waring et al.

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This was largely explained by the soil respiration, the major component of the TBCF, which was the highest at Longwoods compared to the other sites. Carbon and nutrient accumulation in secondary forests regenerating from degraded pastures in Central AmazoniaBrazil.

Nitrogen Cycling, Testing and Fertilizer Recommendations. Primary, secondary, and old-field seres. Timber management toward wood quality and end-product value.

The above-ground plant respiration APR was calculated as the sum of foliage and wood maintenance and construction respiration. The total below-ground carbon flux TBCF was calculated by the mass balance as the C root increment plus the soil surface CO 2 efflux plus the C litter change minus the litterfall. Todos los componentes de PPB: Therefore, the carbon-use efficiency the slope of the NPP: The assessment of the whole carbon budget is a relatively recent development, which has enabled scientists compare carbon fluxes and partitioning across different soil and environmental conditions.

Each plot was felacion in size 3 x 3 m, 7 x 7 trees and contained nine measurement trees spaced at 0. Isotope fractionation and C enrichment in soil profiles during the decomposition of soil organic matter. Plant Cell and Environment Global Change Biology 6: Fertilization significantly increased the exchangeable K 1. Part 2, Chemical and Microbiological properties.


New Zealand forest management and wood quality trends. Los productos de estos modelos son predicciones de almacenamiento de carbono en el suelo, rendimiento de los cultivos y emisiones de diferentes gases. Methods of Soil Analysis, Part 2, 2nd edn Chemical and microbiological properties.

These values were scaled over the entire growing season using a Q 10 equal to two, the hourly monthly air temperature averages, and the interpolated values of leaf rleacion index Ryan a.

M de Bertoldi, M. N ratios over 32 and that this fraction was independent of water availability. Dry matter values were lower in T1 and T2 than in T3 and T4. Other components of the APR, the foliage construction respiration L RC and total wood respiration W Rwere independent of the site and fertilization treatment Table 1.

Above-ground net primary productivity The annual above-ground net primary productivity ANPP was calculated as the sum of the leaf and wood primary productivity plus the lit-terfall.

There was no significant relationship between the C: Response of radiata pine forests to residue management and fertilization across a fertility gradient in New Zealand. Soil carbon stocks and land use change: Pearson correlations were used to explore significant relationships between soil chemical relacuon and carbon partitioning variables.

Send this link to let others join your presentation: The hypotheses for the study were the following: Nitrogen availability and nitrification during succession: Nutrient deficiencies and fertilizer use in New Zealand exotic forests.

Our aim was i to study the effect of the incorporation of organic material at different maturity stages on the ryegrass Lolium perenne L.

Below-ground carbon allocation in forest ecosystems: GPP ratios, after correction was made for the effect of the C: Serie Suelo y Clima

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