Worlds in collision immanuel velikovsky

The last rating here by Vishal below declares it a "science fiction", and clearly shows the vehement cognitive dissonance among most people, just out of shear fear of facing truth. The idea that there were major catastrophic events that lead to many of the world myths is extremely fascinating. During the Fifties and Sixties Velikovsky was persona non grata in universities and research centers in US.

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As teenager he traveled widely to Europe and to Palestine Tel Aviv had been founded only three years before. On Romance of Science.

Even if it is not accurate and the evidence presented makes a really compelling argument in favor of its veracitythe errors in our "superior mod The first time I veliiovsky about this book in Vine Deloria's work, I was kind of skeptical about it.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. One should read this book with an open mind, and then follow up with the readers own research in information regarding Velikovsky's model.

Immanuel Velikovsky

Mar 02, Douglas rated it liked it. The dating of Exodus at BC at the end of the Middle Kingdom — now accepted with further arguments by scholars as Rohl, James, Bimson… - was at great variance with the traditional dating, which put the Exodus, of which someone even doubted the historicity, about years after the Hyksos, at the time of the New Kingdom, immsnuel during the reign of Ramses II.

What if all the similarities in ancient tales are derived from specific cosmological events? Merely guessing something right does not necessarily demonstrate prior knowledge or a correct theory. Over the last two decades, there has come about a recognition that chaotic dynamics is pervasive in the solar system.

Worlds in Collision

In the tradition of Matterhorn and Unbroken. The article - Was Earth a Migratory Planet? Skeptical Inquirer10 4 The reader has to be clear that Velikovsky was using hundreds of ancient texts, to velikovky his theory and put forward as evidence his thoughts. If a body is ejected from Jupiter, it would possess the velocity to flung itself into interstellar space, it can't come near Earth and make itself a planet like Venus.

In other words, global, cosmic catastrophes are not necessary to explain the evidence cited in the chapters 'Thirty-five Centuries Ago', 'Klimasturz', and 'The Ruins of the East'. The general methodology is to claim that "dark ages" in the historical record are imaginary, and arise from bogus falsely-inflated dynasty lists and the like, which contain made-up centuries containing rulers who never existed.

His books u Immanuel Velikovsky was a Russian-born American independent scholar, best known as the author of a number of controversial books reinterpreting the events of ancient history, in particular the US bestseller Worlds in Collisionpublished in collisiion Among others, he also makes the claim that manna in the kn was the carbohydrate tail of above comet falling on the ground Preview — Worlds in Collision by Immanuel Velikovsky.

Then I forgot both the name of the author and the book. Mar 28, Donna rated it it was amazing. It makes me wonder if the other sources he cites actually support his position. The idea was reinforced when he found a description of similar events in an Egyptian source, i.

Now, an ancient secret is about to be revealed. Yes- it is a bit hard to swallow- and YET There was a problem filtering reviews right now. And because we have lived through times of little cosmic woorlds, does not mean there is nothing of concern on the horizon.

Immanuel Velikovsky - RationalWiki

Velikovsky spent a significant part of Earth in Upheaval criticising continental drift, then a relatively new theory, which he realised that, immaanuel true, could explain some of the geological phenomena he put down to catastrophes ironically adopting the sort of pooh-poohing attitude which many would have adopted towards his own ideas.

In some rather eye-watering leaps of imagination, Velikovsky uses wait for it comparative mythology to painstakingly argue his case that these Biblical events were real, and happened not just in the Near East but all over the world, and are described in the legends, religions, and writings of other cultures too.

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He stopped at the end of the Egyptian 18th dynasty, where he would have been getting into murkier waters, claiming that it was followed not by the 19th dynasty but the Libyan dynasty. Researching critics of this book and looking at the overwhelming amount of energy against this book is very disproportionate to the material and ideas brought forth. This rather backfired however, as Sagan, underestimating the dedication of the faithful, had allowed himself the liberty of including a few flip strawmen in his talk for example, claiming Velikovsky had written of "plagues of frogs falling to Earth from Venus" and handwaving schoolboy errors in his maths.

First UK edition publ.

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