Pan card correction form 49a

The announcement of linking Aadhaar-PAN becoming a mandate came as a surprise to most people. Knowing the importance of Aadhaar and PAN which is required to avail various benefits and also to carry out financial transactions, it has become essential for the people to obtain the Aadhaar as soon as possible. Given its importance, most of us tend to carry it on us, thereby exposing it to the risk of loss or damage.

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A PAN is an extremely important document in the Indian financial context, with everyone participating in monetary activities expected to have it.

There is a possibility for errors to creep into our PAN details, with the most common ones being incorrect spellings, date of correection, change of communication address, etc. The issue has been brought to light many times recently as transgenders across the country have filed petitions demanding Supreme Court to pass a directive which forces the government to include the option of third category in PAN cards.

The acknowledgement form should be duly signed and affixed with 2 recent colour photographs 3. Contrary to popular belief, such changes, modifications or reissue of PAN is a simple process, saving time and effort on our part.

PAN card is mandatory for financial transactions such as opening a bank account, cash deposit of Rs. Dispatch of physical PAN Card outside India where foreign address is provided as address foorm communication.

PAN Card Correction/Modification

Parameters Photograph Signature Supporting documents 1. It is a unique digit alphanumeric identity that is assigned to each taxpayer in the country by the Income Tax Department. If the data submitted fails in any format level validation, a response indicating the error s will be displayed on the screen. Amount to be charged 4. As far as I am concerned, there is no way of getting back the amount that you have paid.


In recent time, PAN or permanent account number has proved to be one of the most recognized identity proof in India. While these details might not seem serious, they could have an impact and it is advisable to correct them at the earliest.

It is compulsory for every tax xorrection to have a PAN card for making financial transaction like receiving salary or professional fees that is taxable, purchase or sale of assets above the fixed ccard, buying of mutual funds, among others.

All documents submitted also needs to be attached with the acknowledgement prior to sending it. PAN card details may have to be changed or corrected in certain cases such as change of name or misspelled name.

If your communication address corrction within India, the processing fee pna Rs. Suppose an applicant needs to change or correct a data on their PAN card. You can write to them at tininfo nsdl.

The site has two hyperlinks, the first being for those who wish to update changes in their PAN cards, while the second one crad for changes to Aadhaar card details. The main aim of PAN is to use a universal identification key to keep note of all the financial transactions that might have a taxable element to avoid evasion of tax.

However, at times, PAN cards come with a misspelt name or a wrong corfection or even date of birth. Y Chandrachud has asked the Central Government to consider correcting the anomalies regarding the linking of PAN and Aadhaar with respect to transgenders. The applicant is requested to save this acknowledgement. Save the acknowledgement form, print a copy, and send it to the NSDL office along with the necessary supporting documents.

The acknowledgement will contain a unique digit acknowledgement number. Only those who already have a PAN Card but wish to make changes or corrections in the existing data such as. If the application is for re-issuance of a PAN card without any changes in PAN related data of the applicant, fill all fields in the Form but do not select any box on left margin.

Checked your Credit Score yet? No, the form that applicants need to fill for a new PAN card as well as for correction of existing PAN details are not different. PAN Card - Sitemap. Moreover, the last date for e-filing tax returns has been extended dorm 5 August.

After successful payment, acknowledgement must be downloaded, printed and sent to NSDL e-Gov after affixing two photographs on the space provided and cross-signing it. Once your application has been processed, you will be issued a fresh PAN card with new details but the same Permanent Account Number.

Then they will have to key in the acknowledgement number of their application and hit the submit tab.

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